Hire a Professional Dancer Who Stands Out

She will make you dream of Arabian nights, on stage she is fire and passion!

Samia will illuminate your evening by presenting a remarkable and colourful show and by engaging your guests.
Corporate events, galas, weddings, festivals, movies, television, musical revues… Fashion shows, birthdays and anniversaries, any memorable event!
Samia creates fabulous shows, adapted and personalized for each event.

With shows of various styles – cabaret, folklore, modern and fusion – as a solo artist or accompanied by her dance troupe or percussionists, she creates magical events!

« Samia is an artist without equal: she lives her art and shares it in a captivating way in each performance. Enchanting, she communicates her passion every time with her sublime and unique choreographies. She has an amazing presence on stage and always successfully conveys her magic. Samia emits a very beautiful energy!»
– Arianne Benisti, Montreal



Artistic Director or Choreographer for your Shows or Events

Creative and innovative, Samia composes choreographies combining belly dancing with various styles of dance, develops concepts and directs shows and events. Her experience and education in staging and directing (Master’s degree in Dramatic Arts) demonstrate her passion and aptitudes in this field.

Shows and projects in: theatre, movies, television and videos, musical revues and artist coaching…
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Discover “La Revue de Samia”

“La Revue de Samia” is a troupe of dancers who offer professional quality shows for your special occasions, celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries, as well as corporate and cultural events

« It is always impressive to realize that all of these choreographies are the fruit of your imagination! Bravo Samia and all the dancers! The show was magnificent! »
– Dominique Bouchard, Montréal