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Would you like to create a magical evening? Are you looking for a unique artist who can make your event memorable? Samia is a remarkable dancer that will make you dream of Arabian nights. When performing, she is fire and passion! Are you looking for an artistic eye to orchestrate your events? Do you need help in organizing your reception? You will find in Samia an artistic director and a creative and passionate choreographer, who will come up with fabulous shows, adapted and personalized for all your events!
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For Samia, oriental dance/belly dance is the expression of femininity, elegance and zest for life! Noted from her beginnings for her creativity and her sense of staging, Samia will illuminate your events while she delights in communicating joy and entertaining your guests!
You can see Samia in action and experience memorable evenings at La Menara Restaurant.
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Experienced teacher and choreographer, Samia will make you experience the excitement and pleasure of dancing on stage! The school “Académie Samia Baladi” offers dance shows for all women!
Take regular classes with Samia or participate in her choreographic or technical workshops for the pleasure and passion of dancing.
You will find in Académie Samia Baladi a dance school of choice since 1998.
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